Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Journal of impossible things

Hello sweetie ; )
here is my latest custom, its took me a while to put this together as i had to scan all 70 pages! ive also retouched worked into the pages like i did on my Riversong diary however i didnt want to do too much as to detract from the wonderful style of the original artist and artwork ; )

Tuesday, 12 April 2011


here are a few updated picks of my Season 5 Tardis with interior what ive done is mapped a curved picture on the inside and illuminated with orange and green LEDs giving it a realistic "bigger on the inside appearance ; ) ive also added a wood grain to the exterior to make it more like this seasons version

Mardis! lol Masters TARDIS from Planet Of Fire!

hi guys, Welcome to my Technocothica! here is my latest custom the Triobelisk Tardis briefly seen in planet of fire