Thursday, 16 February 2012

Matt Smith 12" figure

Hi there ; )
although i LUVE my River Song Diary project my first love are my 12 inch Figures,
i started this project about a year ago but got a bit stuck with the sculpt and gave up ..... however since i saw the finished Big Chief Masterpiece i became inspired and have spent the last couple of weeks finishing him... i made him from scratch apart from the boots and body ; ) i sculpted him, made all the clothes and gave him my trademark "Real Hair" i think hes definitely got style ; )

River Song diary Update - New Ribbon Diary

Hi there ; )
ive just finished this for a friend ; )
new version of the Hitler Diary..... this version has a more thicker, cured spine also ive used a different coloured dye for the leather its almost like purply blue.... what do you think?


Wednesday, 1 February 2012

River Song diary Update - THE SILENCE

I dont think weve heard the last of these, here some new art i working on for the diary ; )
it would make another nice postcard like my other ones from alternative history"