Wednesday, 23 November 2011

River Song Diary UPDATE 23/11

hi here are the latest inserts for my River song diary pages ; )

Artwork for sale contact :


  1. This is absolutely amazing! What are you using for reference?

  2. Outstanding work...such a labor of Love! I loved the font/script that you used for River's handwritting. Is this 'designer lettering' or your own? If not your own, what would you call that script/font? Again...supurb work!

  3. This is unbelievable!
    Just out of curiosity, did you start the diary content from the events of lets kill hitler, when river got the diary?
    And where do you get your references from, if any, as Tiffany said?

  4. I love the detail in the art work its out standing and mind blowing how you design and make these things and how you mix your talent with your pashion is just amazing