Monday, 4 March 2013


Hello there ; )
been working on this for the last month its the Tracer from season 16 the key to time series  here is my first finished prototype

The design is highly accurate using similar parts and methods employed in the original construction
the top is a fluted molded clouded plastic head, (30mm l x12mm diameter) the stem is clear acrylic tubing with simulated ringed etching airbrushed along outer lengths
(approx 175mm l x 12mm d) 12mm is just under 1/2 inch (13mm that is the size of holes on the key to time prop
finally has a 4mm pink/red translucent rod in the centre
the shank is made from solid brushed aluminium featuring 12 buttons 8 square 4 rectangular.... in red, yel, white and orange translucent acrylic
the base is a foam and plastic block that can be removed to access the lighting mechanism witch can be switched on or off
The Total length is 300mm from base to tip
here are some pics any questions let me know ; )

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